Why was the company founded ?

EH Aviation Advisors was formed in February 2012 as a direct response to demand from Clients in the world of high end private aviation looking for expert advice, particularly in relation to an end-to-end consulting service for the completion of their privately owned large transport category aircraft such as Airbus Corporate Jets or Boeing Business Jets and in particular wide body type aircraft like Boeing B787/B747 and Airbus A330/A340/A380. Whilst there are known experts within this field, to date no one single company has addressed the entire customer need for very large aircraft completion projects – from concept to completion, particularly in the phase between aircraft purchase and the operational phase of an outfitting project.

What services will be provided ?

EH Aviation Advisors seeks to guide clients from their very first point of contact with the Aircraft OEM, advising and negotiating designer selection, managing development of specifications and tender processes, contract negotiation, feasibility studies, detailed engineering definition up to the coordination with the selected completion center.

Additionally, advisory services will also be offered by EH Aviation Advisors to start-up or already established completion centers who would like to re-think their strategy, or who are looking to implement new technologies and products, as well as new ways of configuration management, project management, process improvement and planning for complex aircraft completion projects.

How will the services be provided ?

A hand selected group of very dedicated and experienced associated partner companies are working together with EH Aviation Advisors to guarantee the offered services will be conducted in the most professional, efficient and effective way. The ultimate goal of these advisory services is to establish a boutique platform by which experts work, well in advance of an aircraft’s delivery from the OEM, to reduce the inherent risks and overall project time of a complex completion project and increase product quality and customer satisfaction.